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Yoga Therapy: Improve the Immune System with Balanced Adrenals with Marie Prashanti Goodell

In this time of uncertainty, our bodies may not be able to cope as effectively with stress. The body’s primary stress absorber is the adrenal glands. Hormones produced by the adrenals, especially cortisol, play an important role in regulating the immune system. Maintaining a balanced level of cortisol is an important part of staying healthy. In the first half-hour of this workshop, you’ll learn how the adrenal glands help the body cope with stress, how they are activated by any type of stress (physical, psychological or emotional), and how they become depleted when activated too often. In the second half-hour, we’ll explore how you can balance adrenal hormones through lifestyle changes in sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and attitude. In the third half-hour, we'll participate in a short yoga practice to help recharge the adrenal glands. For this practice, gather a bolster (or 2 pillows), a blanket, and an eye pillow.