Satsang: Inspiration, Aspiration and Having Spiritual Home with IYI San Francisco
JULY 26, 2 AM Eastern Standard Time
Donation (Suggested $5.00)

Satsang with Swami Ramananda and Ramakrishna Sackett with IYI San Francisco.

Inspiration is awakening; Aspiration is reaching for hOMe; Satsang is keeping good company on the Path.

Please join the current director of IYI in San Francisco Swami Ramananda and one of the founding members Ramakrishna Sackett who is graciously overseeing the current construction of the new roof, in a meaningful conversation about Spiritual Journey.

They will share stories that illustrate each of these stages and aspects of the Spiritual Journey, and what has inspired them each to keep going on the Path even when it was difficult.
They will speak about the importance of developing a sustainable practice which becomes a constant force to remain focused on the Light, to remember that We Are Not the Body or the Mind. They will address how they allow the teachings to guide them moment by moment in daily life.

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