Creating a Just World - Spiritual Conversation and Practice with Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward
JULY 31, 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Rev. Kamala is an Integral Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, an Integral Yoga minister, and currently sits on the Board of the Integral Yoga Institute San Francisco.
She remembers very early in life feeling sad and confused by how some people could perpetuate suffering upon other people for what seemed to her to be inexplicable and arbitrary reasons. She dreamed of a world that was just and kind. It was this dream that inspired her, at five years old, to become a lawyer.
And she did.
For 13 years, she practiced law full time, passionate about protecting the public—particularly those people whose voices weren’t heard, whose lives weren’t valued, whose power was subjugated, who weren’t given equal access to resources.
She found the work meaningful and rewarding in many ways… but a string of personal challenges and significant losses drew her to follow a different path.
She went on an intensive spiritual quest to try to understand her own suffering, what motivates others to cause suffering, and how to end suffering for herself and others.
She finally came to realize that all suffering is rooted in a mistaken belief of separateness—the idea that you are separate from anyone or anything else—and that the most direct way to end suffering is to heal that sense of separation.
Today, she holds meetings, retreats, classes, trainings, and private one-on-one sessions online, over the phone, and in person with people from all over the world.
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