Circle of Now Spiritual Gathering
JULY 12, 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Donation (Suggested $4.00)

*This has been the structure of a weekly gathering Saturday mornings at Yogaville for many years. Normally we meet together for coffee, tea, morning snacks and hugs. However, we have adapted and continued to meet via zoom. We have decided to open it up to anyone interested. I really hope you will join us! We welcome your unique being to our circle.


Join us for an opportunity to share from your heart and speak on a spiritual topic among spiritual community.

The purpose of the Circle of Now is to develop unity. We do this through an open format of sharing. It is an opportunity to both share and listen.

No one is required to share, and sharings are spontaneous and in no particular order.

In an effort to allow everyone the time and space to share, please be mindful of keeping your sharing short. In a large group (over ten) keep it very short. Stories are the exception – but please be mindful of time.

A bell or singing bowl is rung by anyone in the circle who feels that space or silence after a sharing is needed. Participants are encouraged to have a singing bowl or bell on hand. You may also ask others to ring for you. Until the sound has completely stopped, all are silent. This feature creates welcome space for silence and stillness amidst the collection of our words.

The Circle will end with a short meditation followed by a closing chant.

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