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Scripture Study with Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward

From September 14 to December 21, teacher Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward will offer her commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali through the lens of social and racial justice and lead a discussion on how we can integrate these principles.

The Yoga Scripture Study series is a weekly offering in which participants learn and discuss how the teachings of Yoga apply to our daily lives.

Each session will begin with a brief dharma talk that encourages participants to experience these teachings not only as tools for personal transformation but also as a vehicle for the collective Peace and Liberation of all beings. The sessions will include group discussion and conclude with a brief meditation and commitment to actively pursue the realization of the mantra that the entire Universe is filled with Peace and Joy, Love, and Light.

Students of all levels and experience are invited to participate in any one or all of the sessions. The only requirement is a willingness to engage in social justice work from a place of Love.